It’s an exciting time for electronics. A whole new wave of innovation.
And it’s changing everything. How products are designed, engineered and built.
From DIY to rocket ships.

Our mission is to deliver the best information, tools and technology to make it happen.


It begins with faster,
smarter research.

Capturing and organizing the world of engineering knowledge.
Tools that make research efficient. Tools that make sense of it all.

Search made for engineers.


bringing passion and experience together.

Students. Hackers. Pros.
Open hardware. Open community.

Sharing knowledge and challenging opinions.
Building things together.

The most passionate electronics community on the earth.


A technology platform everyone can build on.

There is so much software to be written for electronics.
It's going to change the way engineers work.

We've spent years collecting the right information.
And built a platform on top of it. A platform anyone can leverage.

Let's make electronics better.


Five million innovators
and counting.

It takes a village to raise a product.
Designers. Buyers. Suppliers. The list goes on.

A network that spans the planet
A network connecting people with critical information.
A network we've been building for years.

And it's only just begun.